10 days, 4000+ kilometres. Sure, let’s drive to Namibia, one of the vastest, desolate countries in the world.

Our journey kicked off on 25 April driving from Stellenbosch. 674.2 km, around 7.5 hours on the road.

First, stop Vioolsdrift this side of the border where we stayed at Frontier River Resort – a luxury tented camp close to the border crossing to Namibia.

There are plenty of overnight options to choose from, Frontier seemed like a quieter option compared to others. Otherwise, it was extremely well equipped and neat. The tent has a kettle, complimentary coffee, tea and milk, as well as a fridge. The aircon came in handy as this area is notoriously hot and dry. Even in April, the temperatures were still soaring.

Don’t expect a hotel breakfast or restaurant though. There’s a boma with cooking facilities and the resort is entirely self-catering. However, if you are looking for a quick stop over after a long drive, this fits the bill.

With the Orange river on your doorstep and looking across it, Noordoewer and Namibia on the other side, it all seems a bit surreal.


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